Shari is the owner and designated certified Strawberry Laser Lipo technician at You Renewed.  She received her Associate of Science degree at Oxford of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and her Bachelor of Science with a Major in Nursing at the University of Miami. After practicing as a registered nurse for twenty years, Shari pursued a Master of Science in Nursing degree with concentration as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Today, Shari’s focus is on beauty, wellness and healthy lifestyle choices.  Shari works closely with Keri Rothman-Kaufman, a personal trainer in south Florida, to obtain optimal results for clients. Keri is the owner of Kalorie Krushing by Keri in Parkland, Florida. They are passionate and committed to assisting clients in life changing results.

“Every day is amazing because I get to see the excitement on my clients faces when they realize how much inch loss they have achieved with the Strawberry Laser Lipo treatments.”

Shari Tillman, RN, MSN